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The Java Patterns Tutorials, an ongoing workshop series on software patterns for ObjectVenture, Inc. August 2002 -- present.

The Pattern of the Month, an ongoing column for www.PatternsCentral.com on software patterns. April 2003 -- present.

The Patterns Buzz, an ongoing column for www.PatternsCentral.com about online discussions about software patterns. April 2003 -- present.

Some Best Practices for Rapidly Developing Software, First Review Draft, January 31, 2002

PacketHandler: An Object-Oriented Framework for Satellite Telemetry Processing, UP, An International Conference On Using Patterns. March 7-9, 1997. PDF format

Reusing the Wheel Windows Tech Journal. September 1997

An Unlimited Undo/Redo Stack Pattern, Dr. Dobbs Journal, April 1997

Choosing the Right Association, Windows Tech Journal, July 1996

Object Observations: Engineering the Enterprise, KeaneTechnotes, June 1996

Cooking up a User Interface, Windows Tech Journal, April 1996

Object Observations: Reusing the Wheel, KeaneTechnotes, March 1996

Principles of Good User Interface Design,KeaneTechnotes,June 1995

Object Observations: Getting Oriented,KeaneTechnotes, December 1995

Unicode and Software Globalization, Dr. Dobbs Journal, March 1994

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