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Conferences and Course Development

Mastering Pattern-Based Design and Development

A 5-day, hands-on course and workshop with Java developed for ObjectVenture, Inc..

Mastering Patterns / Patterns for Eliminating Down casting (2 sessions)

SIGs Object Expo, Marriot Marquee, New York City, March 9 -13, 1998 (6 hours / 90 min)

Weekly Object-Oriented Design Workshop (20 sessions)

Vision2000 Hubble Space Telescope Command Center System, 1997 Ė 1998 (1 hour/week)

A Soldier in the Trenches: Introducing Framework-based Development to HST

The Third Annual Conference On Object Technology Centers, April 23-25, 1997 (45 min.)

With K. Lehtonen (NASA), L. Barrett (NASA/CTA) and M. Rice (Software Architects)

PacketHandler: An Object-Oriented Framework for Satellite Telemetry Processing

UP, An International Conference On Using Patterns. March 7-9, 1997, Paper. PDF DOC

Applying Design Patterns to PowerBuilder 5.0 Development

Powersoft International Userís Conference, August 1996 (90 min)

Designing PowerBuilder Components with Patterns

Albany PowerSoft Userís Group, June 1996 (45 min.)

The Circle of Association: A new approach to viewing object networks

Keane Technology Focus Group, June 1996 (30 min.)

Elementary Object Modeling and Design for PowerBuilder using OMT

Keane Client-Server Training Series (Level 2), multiple dates 1996ó1999 (1 day)

Strategies and Patterns / Design Patterns

Keane Technology Focus Group, 1995 (30 min.)

Methodologies and Frameworks

Keane Client-Server Development Seminar, June 1995 (45 min.)