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A highly motivated technical leader and student of software processes, advanced techniques and emerging technologies, who loves to teach, guide and mentor others.

Summary of Experience

Software Design and Technical Leadership

  • Project Leadership: Lead multiple project teams ranging from 2 to 15 developers in a variety of technical and business environments for both Fortune 100 and Government agencies, including Benefits Delivery, Hubble Space Telescope ground system, Naval Submarine database, File translation.
  • Design / Development: Extensive project experience in a wide variety of environments using many programming languages, tools and platforms. Created multiple frameworks for Powerbuilder, C++, and Java. Mentored and lead application developers.

Software Process Improvement and Systematic Reuse

  • Software Process Improvement: Developed a Reuse-driven Approach for Parallel Iterative Development (RAPID) based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP), Catalysis, eXtreme Programming (XP) and the SEI Product-Line Practice. Trained and Mentored project leaders on applying RUP, SELECT Perspective, Rumbaugh’s Object Modeling Technique (OMT) and RAPID.
  • Software Reuse: Trained and mentored clients on reuse processes, tools and techniques. Performed component-harvesting initiatives for multiple projects. Created and deployed enterprise reuse libraries.
  • Quality Assurance: Designed and developed unit and suite testing tools for Java frameworks and applications. Initiated software measurement approaches for defect management and process repeatability. Performed design reviews.

Object / Component Technology Consulting

  • Presentations: Developed and delivered workshops and courses on Component-Based Development, Object-Oriented Technologies, Frameworks, Architectures, Design Patterns, Business Process Modeling, Java, Powerbuilder and C++.
  • Mentoring and Training: Unified Modeling Language (UML), OMT, Business Process Improvement, C++, Java, PowerBuilder, SELECT Enterprise, SELECT Component Manager,.

Awards and Achievements

  • PatternsCentral.com: Forum moderator and featured column author. 2003--present.
  • Keane Pride Award for Recognition of Excellent Performance and Outstanding Contribution 2000, 1996
  • NASA Appreciation of Outstanding Contributions to the Hubble Space Telescope Vision 2000 Project
  • Windows Tech Journal Objects Model Contributing Editor 1997
  • Keane Speakers and Authors Recognition Award 1996
  • KeaneTechnotes Newsletter Founder and Features Editor 1995 – 1996
  • 13 Technical Articles Published over last 12 years
  • 11 Conference and Workshop Presentations in last 6 years

Technical Qualifications Summary

17 yearsSoftware Design/Development
4 yearsJava Development
7˝ yearsC/C++ Development
3 years4-GLs (PowerBuilder,SQLWindows)
6 yearsClient-Server, Communications
6 yearsDatabase SQL/DBM/ISAM
8 yearsWindows / NT
3˝ yearsUnix / OS/2 PM