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What Exactly Is Micro-Betting?

Micro-betting is a particular type of bet that has only become popular in recent years. The reason for the sudden increase in popularity is, simply, because micro-bets are based on rapid data transfer, which has only become possible as the internet has improved. The dramatic advancements in internet technology, allowing for information to be sent back and forth across the globe almost instantly, have therefore given rise to the unique, online micro-betting market.

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Simple Guide To F1 Betting

Formula 1 racing is about as thrilling betting on sports can possibly get. With cars racing around glamorous world-famous tracks at speeds of up to 220mph, the volatile nature of high-speed motorcar racing and the thundering rush of blood to the head caused by unexpected pitstops all pretty much part of a single ‘day’s work’, it’s no surprise that thousands of fans regularly bet on their favourite teams and drivers and cars.

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Legalised Sports Betting – In Retrospect

The benefit of hindsight is a marvellous thing. And nowhere else has this in recent times proved more true than looking back on sports betting’s US journey toward legalisation – and of course, beyond. Those not familiar with the industry may feel slightly perplexed about why it is that a legalised sports betting industry matters and even what the benefits could possibly be.

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How To Know Whether You’re A Winning Bettor

Knowing whether you’re winning or losing at absolutely anything should be the easiest thing in the world. It’s very much a situation of ‘either, or’. But surprisingly enough, especially when on the topic of sports betting, it can be precariously tricky to tell the difference between winning and losing. Bettors often want to know whether they truly are beating the system. This is mainly because when on a winning streak, it’s crazily easy (and even tempting!) to assume that since you must have done something right somewhere along the line, you’re ‘smart’ enough to make it last.

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Konami Slot Games and Casinos Powered By Konami

When it comes to casino games, Konami is a name that most people have heard of. Whether it is from their range of classic arcade games or land based casino games, most casino enthusiasts will have a Konami favourite in mind. In 2014, the company partnered with GameAccount Network to bring their incredible range of land based slots to the online market. With a reputation for gaming excellence, the company quickly gained recognition as a global player in the online market. In the notes below we are going to take a look at Konami slot games and casinos powered by Konami.Read More »Konami Slot Games and Casinos Powered By Konami

Kronos Online Video Slot Based On Greek Mythology Theme

Kronos is an online video slot game created by WMS. The theme of the game is based on Greek Mythology. Kronos himself was the original leader of the Titans and a direct decedent of Gaia. His son Zeus eventually overpowered him and became the famous Titan leader that most people are familiar with. In this game, players will encounter images of Greek mythological creatures and symbols. The game features top-class graphics with classic WMS casino style sound effects. Set in the cloud palace above Mount Olympus, the game offers up big payouts and multiple bonus features.Read More »Kronos Online Video Slot Based On Greek Mythology Theme

Vera & John Welcomes Bally Games To Portfolio

Vera & John Casino is an online casino that is gaining traction with online players in many regions around the world. This casino operator caters to the online gaming market around the world, and they are also constantly expanding. One of Vera & John’s more recent market breakthroughs was into the UK gaming market, with a new casino site optimised for players in the UK and a £3 million local advertising campaign.Read More »Vera & John Welcomes Bally Games To Portfolio

Tips On Placing Football Bets

Football Bets New Zealand

Football, or soccer, is a popular sport in New Zealand with a national team traveling all over the world to play matches, as well as welcoming international teams do their home grounds. Placing football bets is a popular pastime for many people in New Zealand both on International and national levels.

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Enjoy Online Table Games Action with the Best Free Bets

Classic table games and card games have been associated with high rolling players for decades. While huge amounts of money do change hands over games tables, players can enjoy these games at top quality online and mobile casinos without spending a cent!

The best free bets offers made by these recommended sites can be used on a range of games such as Blackjack, Craps, Poker, and Roulette. Players who claim these offers can place bets, build hands of cards, guess dice game rolls or wheel pockets, and enjoy bonus features as they experience the ultimate in online table games for free.Read More »Enjoy Online Table Games Action with the Best Free Bets